Grammar Gurus



Dr. McDorky is back and ready to give a science lecture...that is until he meets Ms. Whiteside, the "hottest teacher in the universe" and her (only) Honors English student, Rhonda Pearce. Regardless of Ms. Whitesides TERRIBLE grammar, McDorky is engulfed by a force that can't be measured by scientific means–love. Join McDorky in his first adventure in the web-series, "The Adventures of McDorky!"


  • Director - Alex McFry
  • Writer - Alex McFry
  • Producer - Alex McFry
  • Director of Photography - Alex McFry
  • Editor - Alex McFry
  • Behind the Scenes - Megan Wise

(in order of appearance)

  • Dr. McDorky - Alex McFry
  • Ms. Griggs - Ashley Griggs
  • Ms. Whiteside - Haylie Whiteside
  • Rhonda Pearce - Megan Wise
  • Pedro - Chace Oliver
  • Secretary - Cheryl Hanvey
  • Announcer - JeanAnn Smith

Special Thanks

  • Zane Maxwell
  • Angie Robinson
  • Todd Chandler
  • Lyndsey Golden